"It was put eloquently this week by an old woman in a devastated village in southern India's Tamil Nadu state. 'Why did you do this to us, God?' she wailed. 'What did we do to upset you?'" (News sources.)

If that's eloquence, then I'm the queen of the moon.

The fact is, the woman doesn't know God. Her question- and those just like it from millions like her- stems from ignorance or stupidity. God isn't to blame. So, who is to blame?

It started way back in the garden of Eden when Satan, possessing a serpent, convinced Eve that God is a liar. People still believe Satan's lies about the character of God. Today, people believe Satan when he says, "God's to blame for all your problems."

I'm getting tired of having to defend my Father. He's a good God. He's compassionate. He's concerned. He wants you to get to know Him. How do I know He's good? Because He put up with me until my eyes were opened. I was a jerk. A Pharisee. Before that I was a drinker and a partyer and a lusty devil. I don't deserve what I have today, but I have it because He's merciful. He loves His children. All of them. The good ones and bad ones. So, who's to blame?

In the beginning, everything was good. We can blame God for that.

Lucifer was a perfect creation with a free will to choose. Blame God for that, too.

Satan became jealous of Christ's position and rebelled in heaven. Can't blame God for that.

Adam and Eve fell for Satan's deception and sinned. Can't blame God for that.

The world's been going downhill ever since. Can't blame God for that.

God died on the cross to redeem us from the penalty of sin (death). Blame God for that one.

Some people refuse the gift. Can't blame God for that.

More and more people reject God and His ways. Can't blame God for that.

Disasters come upon the earth. Not as punishment from God, but as a natural consequence of God's influence waning, as a natural consequence of the degrading, devolving, destructive effect of sin on the planet. Can't blame God for that.

Disasters are not part of God's plan. They happen despite God's plan. God is not a harsh dictator who will force His will on the people of earth, and He doesn't try to scare you into submission. People are free to choose His way or not His way. His way leads to peace and joy. Not His way leads to destruction (which should be obvious now to all but the spiritually/morally blind and/or stupid).

If you do not choose to do it God's way, you are choosing to do it Satan's way. There's no escaping that fact. You're either for God or against God. That's it. Those are your options.

As the world rejects God, his merciful hand will retreat further, and more disasters will come upon the earth. Blame mankind for that, not God.

You can't blame God for your sin. But you can blame Him for saving you.

You can't blame God for the stupid choices you make. But you can blame Him for His mercy towards you.

You can't blame God for your hatred of Him. But you can blame Him for loving you anyway.

Put the blame where it belongs: on Satan and on yourself.

God wants to get to know you. Do you want to get to know God? Then get to know His Son, Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, and the ONLY WAY to an eternity of peace and joy.

Part 2

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