Do people really still believe evolution is a good theory? How many times does its predictions have to fail or its assumptions be falsified before we move on? Good God, if there was this much going against the validity of the Bible as an ancient document produced by the direction of God, I'd have to stop believing! :)

Anyway, ants in amber are duping evolutionists, and molecular machines cannot be explained by RM+NS.

In summary:

Cell biology needs evolution like a king needs a jester. The jester may not win wars or feed the peasants, but provides some comic relief, standing there juggling balls and telling jokes about where the leopard got its spots. Bring it on, Chuck: tell us how an unguided, purposeless process arranged twelve precisely-arranged intermembrane helices of amino acids into a cup shape, provided a precise pocket for a sodium ion, figured out how to invert the cup to the inside just long enough to recognize and bind a toxic molecule, and then flip over and shuttle it out, and do this 25 times a second. Did this all happen in a single chance miracle or a string of chance miracles? Tell us also how all the other tens of thousands of molecular machines essential for life “emerged,” like the topoisomerases that fold DNA into compact shapes and separate the chromosomes, the winches that pull chromosomes apart, the molecular highways that transport the good cargo all throughout the cell, the DNA repair molecules, and much, much more.

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