My high score for Nornissodee is now 782.

I consider any program I write to be an extension of myself; therefore, anything that my program does, I have done.

I wrote a tiny app that lets me play Carcassonne Solitaire on my PC. The cool thing is it lets me see the tile pile in advance, move tiles around after I've placed them; you know, tinker. You could do this on a tabletop with a Carcassonne game set, except it would be way slower figuring it all out. And far more complicated than your brain can handle. But my brain created an extension of itself and can now solve them quickly and easily (not like solve a puzzle, but like solve a chess problem). How fun is that?!? Very fun.

Here is a screenshot of the app.

(The score in the upper right corner is inaccurate. There's a little bug somewhere that I'll squish sometime during the next few evenings when I have a spare moment.)

All of life is filled with algorithms. I like finding the best ones.

P.S. What's your best score for Nornissodee? Any other tile set? I can probably beat it. :)
P.P.S. I gotta give mad props to OpenEuphoria (the programming language I used to develop this app), and wxEuphoria, the wxWidgets interface for OpenEuphoria developed and maintained by Matt Lewis, a very helpful and generous guy. Finally, wxFormBuilder made the GUI development so quick and easy. Almost too easy.

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