What God Really Wants
2005-08-03 at 00:00:00

God doesn't always get what He wants... but what exactly does He want?

Ask that question of 10 people and you'll probably get 10 answers. But the fact is, there is only one thing God wants for each of us: peace and joy.

God wants you to be happy and at peace. From the opposite end, God does not want you to experience fear or stress. And, being God, He knows exactly what it will take to get you to a point where you are experiencing peace and joy. Most of us have our own ideas, however, and it takes a significant amount of energy and interaction before we realize God's way is best.

How We Got Here

You might be asking, "If God wants me to be happy, why is the world so miserable?" Good question. The answer is simple: "Our father gave us away."

In the beginning, Adam and Eve lorded over earth by God's authority. Their allegiance was with God. Then Satan came along and Adam and Eve gave their allegiance to Satan. At this time, only Adam and Eve were alive, so we were all born into a world whose allegiance was given to the devil.

Fortunately, Jesus came back and "redeemed" us. Whereas the price for our rebellion was death, Jesus paid that price and gave us back our eternal destiny... but only if we want it! We can refuse the gift, and many people will. But for those of us who accept the gift, heaven will be worth the temporary sufferings.

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