New Theory Runs Circles Around Evolution
2011-09-15 at 10:10:19

It's amazing that despite the number of times the theory of evolution has been falsified, it still floats.

So I came up with a clever idea: presenting, the Theory of Christianity!

Those who believe in evolution (and, yes, it is a belief system) will have to embrace it because it is far more secure in its hypothesis than evolution ever has been! HA!

2011-09-16 08:20:34

I don't really have a problem people finding meaning in their lives without God. I don't buy it and think it is empty and, most important, false ... but I don't actually begrudge them for it or think them dumb ... perhaps because, for a time, that's how I lived. It even makes sense to me as someone who is quite skeptical of religion and the supernatural in general.

But as far as their worldview, their belief system, I'm still trying to determine why some Darwinists seem so judgmental about people who are judgmental. This attitude seems to infect the so-called "new atheist" breed especially, and from my reading, it's a relatively new kind of atheism. Why, indeed, are they so judgmental about the religious folks forwarding/promoting a survival tactic that appears to have worked for ages? I understand they want to try what they think is a new, albeit unproven, survival strategy ... but, again, why be so dogmatic?

I would suggest they are practicing nearly precisely the same construct most humans do, and they're only claiming theirs is original and liberated without any sort of evidence to show it. Now, I think they should know better; I think they are merely acting out their own religious dogma. How can they not be doing that if they are part of the same human social and genetic condition in which dogmatic religious practice prevails? Now, I know they claim to have science on their side ... except that ... most people who are going to argue that don't have a clue whether the science behind their beliefs is actually valid. They've read it in their own bibles, heard their priests assure them of it, and have had their philosophical theologians bring hellfire and scorn upon the unbeliever. Forgetting for a moment that their priests have redefined the very idea of science a la Orwell's "1984" Newspeak, it's certainly not because they've had some personal scientific experience on the road to Damascus.

In my own experience as an atheist, I realize that I almost always acted in contradiction to the belief system I was living. It seemed to me as if atheists lived opposite of what they believed not because they are hypocrites or evil people, but because the actual reality of our world forces them to do so. One of the most convincing components of Christianity is that it is a perfectly accurate barometer of humanity. As a science of the human condition, Christianity seems to have been experimentally proven. That might not be a road to Damascus proof ... but ... it says a lot about the validity of Christianity not only as a potential universal truth, but perhaps even sans an actual deity, as man's best available survival strategy.


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