Things I Can't Say in Public Vol. 1
2011-10-27 at 14:23:53

Since nobody reads this blog, it will be for my posterity...

  • I love the winter! It's so much easier to conceal carry.
  • I don't like Obama as much as I don't like Bush. Libtards are confused by this.
  • Are Facebook posts admissible evidence in murder cases? A friend of mine wants to know.
  • A willingness to die for one's country, while noble, is counterproductive. A patriot is more valuable alive! The truly passionate patriot is willing to kill for liberty. This also applies to love.

(Maybe more later...)

My Posterity
2011-11-10 12:34:03

Thanks for posting this for me.

2011-11-13 17:32:35

... my name is Joey.


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