Where Did Life on Earth Come From?
2013-08-29 at 07:44:43

You've got to laugh at the theory of abiogenesis. Without any known mechanism that enables dead material to come to life, and against known physical laws that would actually prevent it, there are those who cling to their faith that someday, we'll find out how to make 1+1 equal three.

Remember, they once frothed at the mouth, insisting that life initially formed on earth. However, they now realize the fruitlessness and unsustainability of that myth, so they are turning to extraterrestrial sources: Mars!

We were created by an Alien being, so they're getting closer to the truth...

2013-09-06 13:26:04

I think a better question for this page is why it took 48 database queries. I don't think you're optimizing your queries.

2015-05-06 06:55:12

Wow - such insightful, well thought-out, adult commentary. Let me guess - you have some sort of computer or engineering background and are a creationist, yes?

2020-06-27 11:47:50

I do think it is crazy how people can think life came from non life as we have never seen this ever happen, yet we do see life produces its own life. Like the bible says two turtles have a baby turtle and two cats have a baby cat

2020-06-27 11:48:27

Yes wild to think non life can create life


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